Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Getting Ready For December's Market!

The sewing machine has been humming into the wee hours of morning as I'm working on the full length aprons that were requested by many at the November market. There will be some in the Waverly paisley and checks that we were sporting, as well as others in different fabric combinations. Plus we will have some child sizes for the wee chefs in your kitchen!

The machine has also helped to make one of my creative visions a reality. I don't want to unveil it now, but let's just say it involves white cable knit and winter decor. Yes, I truly am a sucker for pretty much anything cable knit!

In the kitchen we have been perfecting the desserts that will be featured on this month's table! Our taste testers have been very happy to say the least! Cookies, cakes, coffee cakes, and cinnamon rolls! So tasty, and sooo yummy! And they are allergy friendly to boot. We will also have some low carb/no sugar added as well.

December is also the last time we will feature our apple and cranberry products for this season. The apple butter is made and will be available in the decorative jelly jars as well as the larger pint size (by multiple request)! We also plan to have a few more jars of No Sugar Added Applesauce and will be selling our Spiced Apple Juice by the cup. Oh-and it's all organic of course!

The date is December 12 from 10-3. We sold out of all products at the November Market, and so be there early for best selection!

Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving!
Hillary and the WWC Crew

Thursday, November 12, 2015

WWC-Helping to End Human Trafficking and Slavery

The Farmers at WWC are excited to be a part of The End It Movement! We are signing up to be Freedom Fighters to help end the horrors of Slavery and Human Trafficiking. You can learn more about End It at https://secure.enditmovement.com/.

We will be donating a portion of our Farmstand proceeds to this organization! 

Please join us in the Movement, and at the market!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To Market, To Market To Buy...Gingermint??

Have you ever heard of Gingermint (or sometimes spelled as Ginger Mint) before?

It's in the mint family, but eaten fresh, it tastes only slightly of mint with a strong citrus flavor. Dried for tea, it tastes completely different; mellow mint with citrus and floral overtones. I am not normally a fan of floral teas, but this one is so unusual and really lovely. It is flavorful but not strong. And you can definitely sense the soothing power of the mint while not it's sharp taste (which is great if you're a mint-hater like my Hubby who actually likes this tea!). 

We will be bringing a few bags of dried Gingermint to market this weekend, along with all of our canned products and wholesome baked goods! We'll see you Saturday!

Hillary At Home